The Art of Nathan Blixt

Nathan Blixt grew up during a unique time for computer graphics. The year was 1994 and for his 15th birthday, before he had even heard of Photoshop, he asked for a program called Painter 4.  An unusual request from a teenage boy growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Nathan has a stillness to him that makes him susceptible to grief and sadness. Even if not directly affected, he empathizes with news or stories involving loss or abuse. You will see this as a recurring theme as his art tends to be solemn, muted or even moody. His intention isn't to evoke sadness in the viewer, rather the opposite. He hopes the the viewer will find solace or comfort in his art.

Over the years, he has exhibited at various galleries. Even though that is what's expected of artists, he has never liked competition. In any form. There are very few "winners" and many non-winners. One person might find beauty in a piece that the next doesn't. Art will always be judged, competitions aren't necessary.

Nathan and his wife met after he graduated college. Together they have 3 kids and currently reside in Michigan.